About Me

I was born and raised in Sonoma County, CA where I was influenced by the beautiful wine country surroundings and the close proximity to so much natural beauty. Redwoods, Mountains, Beaches, Lakes, Rivers and more were all a short drive away. At my brother's invitation, I moved to Austin, TX in 2007 and met my life partner and best friend, Elizabeth. Together we make music and run numerous businesses. Elizabeth also teaches music.

My brother Isaac had a profound impact on me as a musician (Electric bass) and as my mentor, friend, and oldest brother. He passed away from cancer in 2008. He was a towering example of love and building community wherever he went.

  In 2014, Elizabeth and I moved to Fairfield, California. Recently (2018,) we moved to  a 700 acre coastal marshland where there is constant inspiration in all directions.

I Spent years developing creative skills in woodwork, jewelry design and manufacturing, sculpture, digital media, video production, music production, and have developed a personal voice in numerous mediums. I rely heavily on improvisation in all my work and the result is never predictable for me. This process is endlessly enjoyable for me and I hope to share that joy with others!




Mixed Media


My life partner and best friend Elizabeth is an accomplished musician and amazing teacher! Follow her on Instagram!

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